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How To Buy

Everything is shipped from our store here in Miami, FL.

There are many different ways to buy :)

1. Online Store.

-Detailed shipping information and simple discounts.

2. Email :

-Email us any questions or orders.

-We Will email back invoice for payment.

-Great for more custom orders.

3. Whatsapp / Messages : 305.877.7303

-Easy way to chat and communicate.

-Will email for payment.

If you need special discount please contact us through phone and email and we can assign special discount for you :)

Whichever way you feel the most comfortable, that's how we will communicate :)


-12 Pieces minimum, use "wholesale" discount code in checkout.

-All Wholesale prices are in each item at the very bottom of the description. 

-For Wholesale prices and conditions just contact us through email or messages.